The sash on my casement window is stuck. What should I do?

First, check the sash lock mechanism to make sure it’s completely unlocked. Then turn the handle slightly and push very gently on the sash near the lock mechanism. The sash should pop open. Open the window, and check the surface of the weatherstripping. You may want to apply a thin coat of dry lubricant to prevent sticking.

My hung or slider window isn’t opening as smoothly as before. What should I do?

Check to see that the operating sash guide is clean. Over time, dirt and debris can settle in the guide, making it difficult to open and close the sash. Try cleaning with soapy water and a soft brush, then wipe with a clean, damp cloth to remove soap residue. You should avoid scrub pads and abrasive cleansers.

After the area is dry, applying a Teflon or silicon based lubricant to the area will help the sash operate smoothly. If cleaning doesn’t do the trick, you may have a problem. Call your window and door dealer for assistance.

How do I clean uPVC windows?

You don’t need to do a lot of maintenance work on uPVC windows and doors: no painting, staining, or treatment. From time to time, just clean the interior and exterior frame with a mild dish detergent. Wipe with a clean, damp cloth to remove soapy residue. Avoid any scrub pads and abrasive cleansers, steel wool, sandpaper or other abrasive products which will leave scratches and damage the surface. Never use paint removers or solvents to clean PVC components.

Follow manufacturers directions when using cleaners other than water making sure to use protective equipment. Protect adjacent siding, and landscaping from contact with cleaning agents. To clean the glass simply use a glass cleaner without ammonia, or vinegar and water does the trick.

Do not use a power washer to clean your windows.

Several of our casement models open a full 90 degrees for easy cleaning, while hung windows tilt in. Depending on the model, single and double sliders will either lift out or tilt.

What about cleaning my window and door hardware?

Wipe them down with mild soapy water, then wipe with fresh water to remove soap residue, which may prevent proper operation over time. You can also lubricate hinges with a dry Teflon or silicon based lubricant.

How do I open my casement windows a full 90 degrees?

Simply turn the crank until the window is open. You’ll be able to reach the outside surface for easy cleaning.

How do I tilt my hung windows for cleaning?

Lift the bottom sash up about three inches, then use both hands to open the tilt latches on both sides of the top of the sash simultaneously and tilt the sash in towards yourself. You’ll be able to reach the outside surface for easy cleaning. For double hung windows tilt out the lower sash as described and then lower the top sash about 3 inches and repeat the procedure to tilt the top sash in.