Manufacturer’s Guarantee

All windows manufactured by Heritage Windows and Doors Inc. are guaranteed to be of quality workmanship and material.

All products manufactured by Heritage Windows and Doors are guaranteed to be free of water leakage for a period of 60 months (5 years) from date of purchase. All leakage will be repaired only, on a no charge basis. Condensation on the inside of glass frame surfaces is not considered a defect and should condensation be found to be the cause of leakage reported, a service call and mileage will be charged back to the original dealer.

All “TRUTH” hardware used by Heritage Windows and Doors in our products will be covered under a lifetime warranty.

All insulating glass units used by Heritage Windows and Doors are guaranteed to be free of material obstruction and film formation between the interior of the glass for a period of Ten (10) years.

Limitation of Guarantee

Heritage Windows and Doors liability is limited solely to repair or replacement at our sole discretion. Under no circumstances will Heritage Windows and Doors be liable for incidental or consequential charges such as, but not limited to, labour costs for any purpose, inconvenience, damage or injury to persons or property or any other expense.


This warranty is null and void if products have been damaged or abused after pick-up or delivery inspection and or installed improperly.

Limitation of Guarantee

Damage caused by improper handling or installation.

Broken glass or torn screening from any cause whatsoever.

Any defect, malfunction or failure to perform which has occurred because of unreasonable use, improper application or lack of necessary maintenance.